Growing up as a kid, my siblings and I were always around the automotive scene. Reality was, anything that had an engine, we were brought up around it. Boats, bikes, cars and other things that were never intended to have engines, that is where it all began.

I always had cameras as a kid so the two quickly merged together. I remember riding my pushbike around and taking photos of cars parked in and around the neighborhood, and then going home to see my mum and asking her to get the films developed. I would come home from school the next day, excited and hoping that they had come back from print.

Then obviously as I got older it was only a matter of time till I got my own car and I become more involved with the cars we had in the build. My passion for photography was always there but of course with age, the automotive side of my life took over as I needed income. I started an apprenticeship to become a licensed motor mechanic and from there remained working within the Automotive industry. This pushed my photography to become more automotive based, as the people I met and the cars that they owned fascinated me, and always left me dreaming.

This blog is basically the way that I look upon and see the passion and love people have and share with their cars. I aim to cover as many different facets as possible but also show my relationship within the different scenes, whether it be through mates or people I may know who are actively involved.

Hopefully it will give you a look upon the life of a kid who grew up with so many different cars around and still has a soft spot for anything automotive.


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