D’Agastino Kustoms Sydney Australia.

I was lucky enough in the past two weeks to drop by D’agastino Kustoms and set up a little pinup shoot with the gorgeous Shannan Jae. Whilst there I also got to work with a couple of cars they had in the shop.

A 1953 Chevrolet Belair and a 1962 Pontiac Grand prix that had mild custom treatment in the states before it was shipped to Australia. The results, well take a look for yourself.



10364044_824265297586211_632663094852160952_n 1924320_825529890793085_2648087056581655383_n 281861_825529857459755_6063933384766452762_n 10568956_824270094252398_6176124285916588608_n 10537313_823839107628830_4058184774639686179_n 10509732_823839077628833_7930700238390615455_n  10487556_824265364252871_6789743885299502491_n 10419536_824265267586214_6128482656239034867_n 10403714_824267807585960_1538049412371407312_n




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