Tuff Streeters Xmas Car Show

Most of us who grew up in and around the car scene can remember times as a kid, where you would head to a car show on the weekend with the family. Whenever I went to a show or event I was always in awe of the tough cars that would be gathered. I found that as the cars started rolling into Torque Bar & Grill on Tuesday night I was left with the same feelings of awe and want.                                      

The boys from Tuff Streeters Car Club managed to put on possibly the biggest car show that Torque Bar & Grill in Concord has ever seen. The show was set to kick off at 7pm and by 7:30pm the car park was at capacity, with an eclectic mix of cars, parked up to 4 deep. Everything from American & Aussie muscle, traditional Hotrods, late-model Holdens & Fords and a few sports cars in between.

The boys got together for the last time before the holiday season begins, they also raised some funds on the night for their local charity which they will be announcing on Facebook over the next few days. The club was started less than three months ago, and looking at the quality of cars and the way the guys interact with each other, there is only bigger things to come from them in 2014.

Tuff Streeters CC 157 Tuff Streeters CC 001 Tuff Streeters CC 005 Tuff Streeters CC 007 Tuff Streeters CC 023 Tuff Streeters CC 034 Tuff Streeters CC 053 Tuff Streeters CC 057 Tuff Streeters CC 084 Tuff Streeters CC 087 Tuff Streeters CC 093 Tuff Streeters CC 099 Tuff Streeters CC 104 Tuff Streeters CC 110 Tuff Streeters CC 132 Tuff Streeters CC 138 Tuff Streeters CC 140

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