Ben’s Military Green F250

It seems to have become an ordinary sight, to see a lift kitted four-wheel drive with nice wheels and clean paint in the heart of the city these days. You wouldn’t even look twice at them. You know the car has never been off-road in its life, but still gives off the impression that it would if it could. Ben’s 2005 Australian delivered F250 would be the exception to this rule. When you see a Military Green and Carbon Fiber F250, wrapped by Dave at Killer Customs, especially one with this ride height and turbo spool, hauling its way through the narrow streets of Sydney you always look twice.

Ben has a history of competing in four-wheel driving competitions, so his F250 was always going to see off-road work during his ownership. The 7.3 litre V8 diesel has a multitude of upgrades for it to perform to his standards. Ben wanted the truck to haul if it needed too and indeed it does. He has fitted a whole swag of Banks Power upgrades including; turbo (which he fitted a bigger housing and compressor wheel), wastegate, inter-cooler and plumbing . But the upgrades don’t stop there, he also fitted a turbo dump pipe and from there, a 4″ stainless Banks Power exhaust back to a 5″ tip exiting out the right hand side under the tray. It has also had a tune to compensate for the extra boost, 28 psi extra to be exact, with six different stages of performance adjustable in cab via an in dash controller.

Ben doesn’t do things by half and it is clear that the engine is not the only part that has been modified to make this truck unique. The auto has been upgraded to a BD box built to handle the torque that the truck was making with a larger capacity sump. The diffs are also fitted with their own oil coolers and ARB air lockers front and rear for when he decides its time to go off-road. Just because this vehicle was built to be a work truck, doesn’t mean that the cab missed out on getting some luxuries too. It has a full custom leather interior to keep Ben comfortable, along with a full Sony Stereo install including in dash navigation and roof mount DVD player.

Being over 6 meters in length the truck required some attention to the suspension, so it has plenty off clearance when he takes it off-road. It is fitted with a tough dog 4 inch lift kit and also runs 18×9″ wheels wrapped in 37×12.5 BF Goodrich rubber. Putting down 500 plus horsepower, this F250 is not a Prius when it comes to efficiency, so the fuel capacity was also upgraded to a 200 liter long-range tank. An ARB front bar is also in the lengthy the list of modifications, as well as a 15,000lb Warn winch.

Maybe you might spot this F250 cruising the streets of Sydney or rolling around in bush-land, where ever you see it, it’s sure to attract your attention.

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